The TOFT Maidens form 2014 were moved into the mating paddocks this week onto fresh clean pasture to enjoy to get themselves ready for mating which will start immediately they are sheared in three weeks time.

We prefer to start mating our maidens at TOFT at two years of age and these girls are just coming up to that this year. There are some farms that mate at 12 months and for some it works fine. But given that we want these fabulous TOFT girls to produce one elite cria a year for the next ten years at least, we like to know they are fully gorwn and fully mature before we start al that 'Mating Mullarkey'. 

After all, humans can give birth at thirteen but all the girls I know that got busy early tended to look as worn out as their mothers by the time they were 21! These young ladies are just so pretty we want them to provide the glamour to the herd for many years to come.