Lots of Movement at TOFT these past few weeks. The TOFT Weaners have all been moved to clean pastures. Clean being the operative word as every cria born at TOFT these days is under 20 microns which is an amazing acheivement and testament to their pedigrees which have been built up over the past 20 years. However the downside is that if they are not managed correctly just prior to shearing they have a tendency to pick up all the debris the paddock has on offer. If this reaches 'major' then there is a chance their superb luxury fibre will become unusable. So we always make sure that we have clean unharrowerd pasture to put them on for the last month or so before shearing. With a bit of luck this keeps these ultrafine girls clean enough to enable us to get thier fleeces off to the Mill immdediately post shearing.

Shearing starts on the 12th of May this year at TOFT - so not too long to go before all our lovely Teddy Bears turn into Pink Panthers.