TOFT Taipan

DOB:- 21/05/2013   Colour:- Solid Dark Fawn  Stud fee:- £750 ( Discounts for multiple matings) Available for lease. Contact us to discuss the options

TOFT Tai Pan Dark Fawn Stud Male standing at TOFT Alpaca Stud



TOFT TaiPan Dark Fawn Stud Male stadnign at TOFT Alpaca StudPEDIGREE



Year AFD SD CV &>30
2015 18.4 3.7 20.2 0.9
2014 18.5 3.6 19.5 0.8
2013 na na na na






TOFT Tai Pan is a stunning young fawn male which represents the very best TOFT Alpacas has to offer in coloured alpaca genetics. He is the son of LAVENDER PARK Tulley and CURRABUNGLA Aura. His pedigree can be traced all the way back to PURREMBETE El Dorado and PURREMBETE Highlander. Two of the legendary foundation sires of the Australian alpaca industry. He has an excellent conformation set on a well balanced compact frame with excellent capacity across his chest. He is mainitaing an excellent fine dense fleece which is consistent to his extremities with excellent coverage. We are expecting his first offspring on the ground in 2016

Contact:- Rob & Shirley 01788810626,, 07970 626 245,, 07973123008